"While a horse-drawn taxi waited at the curb..."
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Vital Statistics

  • DOB: May 24th, 1941
  • Height: Unknown. Probably around 5'7" or 5'8". Lean frame, but very strong. His Pa, who owned an appliance store, remembers that young Bob could "carry the whole end of a refrigerator." According to friends, the chameleon-like Dylan appears to be a different build and height every day.
  • Eyes: Piercing blue.
  • Hair: Brown or auburn, and partly silver. Sometimes the grey disappears for a few months, and during the filming of Hearts of Fire his hair was coppery red. Is it Bob, or is it Clairol?
  • Nicknames: Lucky, the Bard, Zimmy, El Zim, Gentleman Zim, the Dyl (!), the Prince of Songwriting (I made that last one up, but it sounds pretty good, don't you think?)
  • Stage mannerisms: Dancing, deep knee bends, lifting one leg up high, the 'duckwalk', microsecond smiles, making goo-goo eyes at the pretty girls in the front rows, pointing index fingers at the audience, Charlie Chaplinesque lifting of the eyebrows. Rarely speaks on stage, with the exception of his gospel years, when he preached for forty-five minutes to less-than-enchanted audiences, and at the end of each show, when he introduces the band and says, "Thank you, ev'rybody!"
  • Hobbies: Music (obviously), motorcycles, boating, painting, horseback riding, boxing, chess, pool, possibly golf and fishing.

A 2-page biography of Dylan can be found at the inductees page of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame web site.

Getmusic.com has a comprehensive Dylan biography section called The Phases and Faces of Bob Dylan.

See Rolling Stone's Bob Dylan page for more detailed biographical information.

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