[94 MacDougal Street] 94 MacDougal Street

Just south of Bleecker Street

Dylan moved into this townhouse from Woodstock in 1970. It's amazing to think that Dylan lived in such a high-profile location in the West Village. The townhouse is right in the middle of the bars, clubs, and coffeehouses that are so popular with tourists. Not suprisingly, A.J. Weberman made the Dylans' lives miserable by picking through their garbage and bringing hordes of people to the townhouse. This culminated in Dylan beating up A.J. Weberman on the street one day. Though I don't advocate violence, Weberman certainly was asking for it, as Dylan repeatedly asked him to leave him and his family alone, granted phone interviews, and even offered to let Weberman be his chaffeur (Weberman refused the job for unknown reasons). I believe the Dylans moved from this house to the Malibu house in 1973, but it's possible that he still owns it.

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