[William Morris, Bob Lubin, and Mimi Margeaux at the Gaslight Cafe, 1959] [Brigid Murnaghan with daughter Annie at the Kettle of Fish, 114 MacDougal Street, 1959]
Gaslight Cafe and Kettle of Fish bar as photographed by Fred McDarrah in 1959.
[Gaslight Cafe/Kettle of Fish] Gaslight Cafe and Kettle of Fish

114 MacDougal Street between Bleecker and West 3rd Streets

Gaslight Cafe: A site visitor reports that the Gaslight Cafe was not beneath the Kettle Of Fish bar as I previously thought. It was one door north of the Kettle of Fish. Dylan premiered "Masters Of War" and many other songs here. Today it is a bar called The Wreck Room.

Kettle of Fish: A site visitor reports that the Kettle of Fish was not above the Gaslight Cafe as I previously thought. It was one door south. It was just one of the many folkie hang-outs where Dylan spent much time in the early Sixties. The site visitor reports that it is currently a coffee shop called Esperanto, but the Kettle of Fish bar still exists. It has changed locations three times. It is currently at 59 Christopher Street near Seventh Avenue.

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