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New Pony looks best in Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. If you need to download the latest version, follow this link to Microsoft. The site was designed on a PC with 480 x 640 resolution. Although tested for both Mac and PC, certain Mac users may see uneven formatting, depending on the kind of Mac they are using. I've noticed this effect on the Imac and the Ibook. My apologies to Imac users—all my best efforts to fix this have been in vain.

New Pony is updated every 2-4 weeks, and the index page reflects current tour information.

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If there are any photographs that are copyrighted on this site, please write to rdayk@concentric.net and I will remove them. If there are photographs you would like to save to your hard drive, (Dylan makes for pretty good wallpaper), please right-click and "Save Image As"; there's no need to ask for my permission.

Writer, Coder, Webmaster

I wrote and coded the entire site. The Bob Dylan Timeline page is derived from Absolutely Dylan by Patrick Humphries and John Bauldie.


Some people have written wanting to know more about me, however, this is not a curriculum vita. I am RK, your friendly webmaster. I began to listen to Dylan as soon as I could hear "Like A Rolling Stone" on K-Rock, a defunct New York FM radio station. When I bought Bringing It All Back Home circa 1985, I really began to love Dylan, but my favorite was still another Bob: Robert Nestor Marley.

In 1991, I bought Blonde On Blonde, well, need I say more? But it was Good As I Been To You that cemented it for me: there's no better musician than Dylan. Like many Dylan fans, I find Time Out Of Mind thrilling, and 2001' Love & Theft is my favorite album. I am happy and excited that the general population is now more aware of Dylan's genius than ever before.

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