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Fact-Filled Sites

Long overdue is a very fine page about Hibbing, simply called Hibbing. This is a wonderful place to start your online Dylan exploration. Visit the high school, the mine, the town, homes, signs, the library, and the famous Zimmy's restaurant.

Another fine Hibbing page with photos, from Indiana University.

The quintessential source for all Dylan and Dylan-related web sites, Boblinks is maintained by the tireless Bill Pagel. In addition to hundreds of links, Boblinks also has the most up-to-the-minute tour information on the net. Boblinks is like the body of the octopus that is Dylan web sites. Go there for a lifetime of Dylan browsing. No Dylan fan's Bookmark file is complete without it.

One of my favorite Dylan sites is Expecting Rain. There's always something new at Expecting Rain, as the site is updated frequently. It falls on the lighter side of Dylan sites, with a few amusing sections mixed with a great picture gallery, a Dylan Who's Who, lyrics, books, and lots more.

Just Another Day offers plenty of news, biographical information, midi files, gallery photos, and lots more.

The Ultimate Dylan Resource Guide is just what the title implies, a Dylan resource guide. I'd have to award the title of Ultimate Dylan Resource Guide to Boblinks, but tastes vary, so check it out this handy-dandy version.

The Official Bob Dylan Web site is Sony's bobdylan.com.A good source of information, but don't expect any fluff or gossip on these pages. Bobdylan.com contains album and lyric information, lots of songs to listen to, media snippets, and lots of other fun stuff.

For Bob's entry in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, see The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where you will find a 2-page bio and some photos of the star.

A nice presentation of biographical information about Dylan is on the getmusic.com site. The Phases and Faces of Bob Dylan was posted in honor of Dylan's 60th birthday.

Rolling Stone magazine maintains a web site about Bob Dylan, who has graced their cover twelve times, at the Rolling Stone site.

The Bob Dylan Starting Point is a great place to begin a Bob-search on the net, with news,featured items, a poll, message boards, and CD, book, and video guides.

Another likely starting point is the Bob Dylan page at Poptopix. Don't be fooled by the use of the word "pop" and "Dylan" on the same page. It's a good-sized collection of links to sites that should prove useful for any Dylan fan.

Bringing It All Back Homepage is the first Dylan web site to appear on the internet. I highly recommend John Howell's page as a source of all things Dylan-related.

Ballad of A Thin Man offers tour news, set lists, and lots of great pages for the web-savvy Dylanite.

Bread Crumb Sins is a site from Italy, so it offers the pages in Italian as an option. My favorite thing about this site is the picture gallery, which features photographs taken in Italy by the webmaster of Bread Crumb Sins. But you can also find albums, lyrics, tour information, and information about Dylan's activities in Italy at Bread Crumb Sins.

A fine and stylish Dylan site is Bob Dylan: A Tribute. News, Midi files, photos, links, and plenty more can be found here.

Buckets of Dylan, a fledgling site, offers information about Dylan, photos, a message board, photos, and an essay about the history of Bob Dylan. Plenty of links, both as a list and as hyperlinks scattered throughout the essay, and more features will be added as the site develops.

J.M. Baule's The Dylan Master is a homage to Dylan for Spanish speakers.

Albums, Lyrics, Writings, and Chords

Check out DylanSongs.Org, and interactive database of Bob Dylan's albums, with a variety of search options available, as well as concert reminiscences from fans.

For album reviews, see the Album Review page of Boblinks. Albums are reviewed by a variety of journalists, and it's interesting to note the sometimes negative reactions to Dylan's ever-changing work.

A searchable Lyrics database is available at bobdylan.com. This is a great site--you can search to see if, for example, your name appears in any of the songs. Did you know the word sex only appears once in all of Dylan's 400+ songs?

The My Back Pages Chords and Lyrics page is an excellent place to find either. Check out the rest of this fine site by Eyolf ěstrem, who is also the EDLIS agent for Musical Questions

For Dylan quotations, bon mots, and various pithy remarks, check out DylanQuotes, a useful and still-growing collection of quotes (with sources) arranged by year.

For lyrics, another good source is reliable ol' Boblinks' Lyrics page, which contains all the lyrics.

But if it's lyric commentary you're looking for, check out The Dylan Commentaries. Ever wondered about the famous veneer/mirror/Vermeer/the mire debate of "Visions of Johanna?" Then The Dylan Commentaries is the place for you, friend.

The Learner's Realm Bob Dylan analysis page contains a fascinating assortment of answers to questions about Dylan that were posed to 100 fans.

Bob Dylan Chords compiled by Kevin Sherlock, is my personal choice for Dylan chords and tablatures. It seems to have the most songs of all the similar sites, and there are special sections for new entries and for rare Dylan songs.

Boblinks offers Chordpro Archives, Midi Files, and Tablature Sites, a page of links. Kevin Sherlock's page is included, as well as pages geared toward professional musicians and weekend players alike.

If you are looking to purchase albums from the 1965-1975 era, you can't go wrong with White Rabbit CDs. Although they carry new releases, their specialty is '65-'75. It's also a fun site to visit, with forums, a trivia contest, and a "Go Ask Alice" service for hard to find albums, cassettes, and even 8-tracks.

Who's Who

Expecting Rain's Who's Who is an astoundingly complete database of Dylan's friends, acquaintances, band members, former lovers, and important influences, musical and otherwise.

Friends Along the Way is yet another page of the indispensable Boblinks. It is not as comprehensive as Expecting Rain's Who's Who, and focuses mainly on close friends and fellow musicians, with snippets of biographical information.

Tour News

Always up-to-date with the latest tour dates, Bob Dates is my personal choice to find out where ol'Bob's heading next. This page is often updated several times a day, and contains links to setlists and to reviews by the readers of Boblinks. Yep, this page is also part of the formidable Boblinks. Now you see why it's first on my list.

Curious to see when Bob last played your hometown? Find out at Boblinks listing of Tour Dates by City, which lists dates since 1995. For information prior to 1995, see Boblinks.

Follow the Dylan tour with the exciting Dylanbase On The Road, written by a fan and frequent concert-goer.

For real-life stories from (mostly) ordinary people about Dylan concerts, and to submit your own story, see The Awful Truth, which contains some stories collected from the newsgroup rec.music.dylan.

Visiting Ticketmasteris an unpleasant but necessary ordeal if one is to obtain Dylan tickets. Often the phone lines are busy when the tickets go on sale, and you'll have much better luck on the web.

EDLIS Parties, Gatherings, Tickets, and Rides is a great place, probably the only place, that you can find a ticket or ride, sell a ticket, or offer a ride/hotel share with other Dylan fans by posting or responding to the listings on the bulletin board. EDLIS also coordinates informal meetings of Dylan fans before or after the concert, usually at a local bar or restaurant. It's nice to meet the people you correspond with, and the safety of numbers and a public place is reassuring.

Stories in The Press

20 Lbs. of Headlines is a massive list of media articles about Dylan, however, not all of them are linked to the actual article. There is still hours of reading to be found here.

The best source for interviews is News and Interviews at Boblinks. Magazine and newspaper articles can also be found here.


On The Tracks is the most widely-read American Dylan fanzine. It's chock full of glossy photos and interviews with Dylan and his friends, and each issue contains a merchandise listing of stuff for sale. Sadly, it is only published four times a year, but for a few dollars more, you can subscribe to the Series of Dreamsnewsletter, which is published once a month. Their web site seems to have dissappeared, but their telephone number is (970)245-4315.

ISIS is another glossy Dylan fanzine, also full of pictures. I am not a subscriber, but I am sure it's delightful.

The Bridge is another magazine I have never read, mostly because it's published in the UK. International readers outside the UK can expect to pay slightly more for The Bridge, but I wouldn't hesitate to subscribe if money is no object.

Movies, Videos, and Posters

Please note: before purchasing Dylan videos, CDs, books, posters, and other items (1-800 Flowers, Gap, Amazon, etc), please visit this page Give Something Back. Several worthy charities will benefit from your purchases at no additional cost to you.

Almost too good to be true, the The Bob Dylan Free Tape and Video Library offers free rare tapes and videos to anyone who mails them blank tapes or videos. Not too shabby!

I can assure you that Mr. Videos is a reliable and plentiful source for mail-order Dylan videos. I say this having ordered from him, but I've seen posts on rmd saying, "Do not send money to Mr. Videos", so proceed at your own risk. Please note that the link leads you directly to Mr. Video's "B" page, where you will find Dylan under "Bob Dylan".

Music Videos sells mostly the legitimately released Dylan videos, but even those aren't always so easy to find.

Like Music Videos, Classic Rock Videos is a little bit limited in that the selection is mostly legitimately-released Dylan stuff.

Got bare walls? The solution might be a few Dylan posters from Concertposters.com.

Picture Galleries and Streaming Videos

My favorite picture gallery is The Bob Dylan '99 Picture Galleries, because it is the largest collection of Bob Dylan images on the Internet. Dave and Tina have done a fine job of collecting photos from every decade, and their gallery continues to grow.

For pictures of a different sort, try this beautiful Dylan digital art by Martin Beek

More Dylan art can be found at the aptly-named Dylanart.com.

Check out this great new picture gallery at bobdylanimages.8k.com for images of Dylan from every decade, as well as artwork, wallpaper, album covers, concert photos, and plenty more.

Bread Crumb Sins' great Picture Gallery has, among other things, black-and-white photographs of Dylan performing in Italy, taken by the page's webmaster and offered for sale.

Some great Dylan concert photos are at PerformancePhotography.com. By a strange coincidence I went to junior high school with the photographer/webmaster. His portfolio includes photographs of 75 other musicians as well.

Another good picture gallery is The Bob Dylan '95 Picture Gallery. Lots of concert photographs here.

Stolen Moments offers an impressive collection of Dylan photographs, including film stills from Hearts of Fireand Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

MP3s of people who cover Dylan: They All Play on Penny Whistles

The best source for Dylan streaming video that I have discovered is Streambox.com. Check out these RealPlayer vids, you won't be dissappointed.

SoCoolAZ has a few Dylan concert videos in RealPlayer format.

Bob Dylan Pirata, a Spanish site, offers a few Dylan videos for viewing, including "Not Dark Yet" and "Things Have Changed".

Dylan Newsgroups and Chat Rooms

The Dylan newsgroup is called rec.music.dylan, and as far as I know, it's the only one out there. (There's a newsgroup called alt.sex.dylan, but it has nothing to do with Bob Dylan). I highly recommend rmd for queries and discussions.

The old DylanChat room finally bit the dust. A likely room to find Bob Dylan chat is this Open Chat Room. Another place to find Dylan conversation is the the Zimmertwins' Dylan Chat A Rambling Community. Check the various chat room links listed there for Dylan Chat, which is often a rambling community.

New Pony's chat room is called The Lowlands. I invite you to drop in anytime.

Another Dylan Chat room is Small Talk at the Wall. Keep in mind that you have to log in at both sites in order to chat , and that the conversation often veers way, way off the topic of Dylan.

My Back Pages is a Dylan discussion board, active since 2003.

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