Odds 'N' Ends

Buy you shoes and clothes, Lawd, Lawd
Miss Mary-Jane got a house in Baltimore
You will search, babe; can you search for what's not lost?
Working as a cook for a spell

Buy you shoes and clothes, Lawd, Lawd

Amazon Dry Goods
Their catalogs are the ultimate wishbooks.

Wild West Mercantile
A vast assortment of frontier-style goods, including clothing for both sexes.

For the corseteer; Axfords is 120 years old.

Western Patterns
Really indisensable patterns for tailors and seamstresses; these are fine clothes.

Sewing Central
Everything you need to sew anything.

The Reproduction Clothing Webring
Tons of links to ready-made clothing, patterns, and yard goods.

Promenade Dance Shop
For petticoats of all lengths, useful for cold climates.

Oakhill Enterprises
Authentic reproduction clothing at bargain prices; these are fine clothes.


Miss Mary-Jane got a house in Baltimore

Victorian Trading Co.
The name says it all; they also sell fine stationery, business cards, and notecards.

Victorian Station
A virtual Victorian Mall; useful for restorationists.

Fabulous Victorian gifts, love tokens, stationery, international items, and other finery.


You will search, babe; can you search for what's not lost?

Universal Translator
From one language to another. Their server is slow because it is translating words in sixteen different languages.

A fast and useful search engine which collects results from other search engines.

Ask Dot Com
Slower than Metacrawler because the results are collected from many more search engines.

Buy anything you please with free shipping for under 10 lbs. ; best virtual drugstore anywhere.

View treasures and trash and place your bids at ebay; also good for restorationists.

Appointment Television
Search TV Guide online.


Working as a cook for a spell

Reynolds Wrap Recipes
No need for pots and pans or fussy utensils with Packet Cooking from the aluminum foil folks.

Order a bunch of smoked sockeye salmon, pistachio nuts, dried fruit, country ham, Wisconsin cheddar, and petit fours. Add Aunt Jemima's Buckwheat Pancake Mix and a dozen bagels and you won't have to cook for weeks. Financing available!

All Recipes
No need for a cookbook because you can print thousands of recipes from this site.

The Pillsbury Bake-Off
Big cash prizes here; the next bake-off is Y2K.

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