Clothesline Saga

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The 70s


I don't have a date for this photograph by Annie Leibowitz, but the wide lapels, Hush Puppies, and wild shirt suggest the seventies.

1975 or 1976

Wild gypsy clothing, masks, feathers, and face paint characterized the Rolling Thunder Revue.


The hat with flowers was a constant presence on the Rolling Thunder tour. Dylan said the whiteface enabled the audience in the back to see him better. Legend has it he got the idea from Gene Simmons of KISS, though the minstrel persona is clearly his own.


Probably from the same photo session as the cover of Desire, the furry-trimmed western coat, hat, and scarf of Rolling Thunder.


Yet another polka-dot shirt at The Band's farewell concert, The Last Waltz.


Probably the same polka dot shirt as in the previous photo, half-open with Ray-Bans and stone necklace.


In the late 70s Dylan wore leather pants, half-open shirts, and lots of eyeliner on stage.


As above, half-open shirt, eyeliner, and leather pants were typical of the late 70s tours.


Another 1978 photo with Ray-Bans, stone necklace, and leather jacket.

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