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The 80s


Fresh from the 70s, Dylan wore a leather jacket and bellbottoms at this 1981 concert. The flame-red hair may be the tint of the photograph.


This concert photo from the 80s shows Dylan wearing a frock coat and a zebra-striped shirt.


He seems to like polka dots—they've been a regular part of his concert attire since Newport 1965.


Dylan wore a straw hat, red bandanna, and leather jacket at this 1984 concert.


Dylan continued to wear flashy shirts and rock-star threads in the early 80s, but this 1985 poster promoting Empire Burlesque shows him in a Miami Vice-style jacket.


At Live Aid, Dylan wore eyeliner, leather pants, and a cross earring.


A leopard-trimmed jacket and zebra-striped tiger shirt clearly date this 1985 photo.


Dylan wore this cross earring throughout his Christian years, but continued to perform in eyeliner, leather pants, sleeveless shirts, and rock-star threads.


At this 1986 concert, Dylan wore a leather vest, sleeveless shirt, and leather pants with the ever-present earring.


Looking rather macho in 1986, his stage attire included sleeveless shirts, leather vests, and studded leather pants.


Suitably dressed in a satin brocade-trimmed tuxedo for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.


Looking rail-thin in leather pants, vest, and aviator sunglasses at this 1988 concert.


Dylan wore this toreador's jacket at a concert in 1989.

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